HengTong Pipeline Introduced Automatic Surface Welding Robot

In early 2016, HengTong Pipeline purchased welding robot to help to open the thick-walled ASME B16.9 pipe fittings market, providing a strong equipment support.

In recent years, HengTong Pipeline is committed to producing high-quality thick-walled ASME B16.9 pipe fittings.

We invested more than 100 million USD to purchase steel pipe channel surfacing welding machine, automatic surfacing welding robot for inner wall of bend, Germany military-grade CNC lathes, greatly improving the production of thick-walled composite ASME B16.9 pipe fittings.

Advantages of surfacing welding thick-walled ASME B16.9 composite pipe fittings to mechanical composite pipe fittings.
1: Combined with high strength, not less than 400 Mpa, much higher than the mechanical composite pipe fittings.
2: Belong to complete metallurgical composite, welding process is hot wire TIG welding.
3: Suitable for harsh environment situation, long service life.

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